1st Data Recovery Wins San Francisco The Best Data Recovery Award 2021

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Recover the unrecoverable

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1stDataRecovery is one of the most experienced data recovery companies in the world with over 27 years of industry expertise since 1994.


Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the data recovery field, combined with our in-house clean room and fast and efficient service, make us a trusted partner for confidential data recovery needs.


We specialize in recovering data files from various storage devices that have been affected by various problems such as dead, deleted, formatted, corrupted, virus infected, overwritten, password protected, water & fire damaged, inaccessible, or "unrecoverable" storage devices. We can work on a wide range of devices including dead hard disk drives, file servers, RAID boxes, removable media, tapes, iPhones, smartphones, USB drives, SD cards, MicroSD cards, and many others. Our expertise covers multiple operating systems such as Windows PC, Apple Mac OS X / iOS, Linux/Unix/Android, and more.


An environmentally-friendly company.

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