Computer Digital Forensic Services

  • 1stDataRecovery computer digital forensic service combines multiple commerical and in-house tools to retrieve better evidence across the whole spectrum of activities from the computer, smartphone, iphone, ipad, and other electronical storage devices, without damaging or altering the original data.
  • The data can be recovered from deleted, hidden files, password-protected files, encrypted or damaged file structures.
  • All issues related to the use of a computer digital forensics examiner are private and disclosed only to the proper people.
For Individuals


When you have a legal dispute, please contact 1stDataRecovery to extract data from any computer or mobile phone to identify deleted call logs and messages, and hidden documents and images.



  • Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you?
  • Do you think we can help in uncovering evidence through research on e-mails, photos, sms and call logs that have ‘disappeared‘?
  • You are attacked electronically and feel that you are constantly being monitored
  • Your passwords have been breached and money from your bank account was stolen
  • Are you concerned about your child and think that he/she is browsing adult web content?
  • Do you suspect that pornographic sites are often visited by a member of your family?


If so, bring your electronic devices to us for forensic investigation.

For Businesses
  • Is there evidence that corporate information of your company is leaking out?

  • Do you suspect that an employee leaked your confidential corporate data?

  • Do you have evidence that your partner is hiding important data from you?

  • Presentation of electronic data for every legal use


1stDataRecovery can help you prove the above activities for business use or for use in litigation. 1stDataRecovery can provide effective research and analysis of corporate offenses and breaches in small and large businesses.

In all these cases and in even more, such as:

  1. Monitoring of corporate assets

  2. Personal data breaches of customers or corporate partnerships

  3. Misuse of the Internet and installation of malicious software

  4. Falsification of files

  5. Worker sabotage and information leakage

  6. Sexual harassment by any form of electronic communication

  7. Monitoring employee activity

  8. Software piracy, etc.